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March 17, 2009


So the new series of Underbelly has been pretty uneven. Newton and his kiwi hussy have mostly been boring, the Kane Bothers thing was all over too quick and most of the plot has centered around typical gangster betrayals and retribution. It looks like it is starting to get better however and it has had its moments. The closing montage of last week’s episode for instance featured an epic cover of The Easybeat’s “Sad And Lonely And Blue” by Iva Davies, the guy from Ice House or whatever.

iva davies – sad and lonely and blue

To get a hold of this song was quite the effort, the Underbelly website had it listed as by Isa Davis and then after much detective work I could only find it on last year’s tragic, abysmal EasyFever: A Tribute To The Easybeats. I can’t believe someone hosted this mess. Ben Lee turning “Friday On My Mind” into weightless, sub-Sufjan Stevens jauntiness? The Resin Dogs? People are also complaining about The Veronicas but “Good Times” is basically a Jimmy Barnes song at this point and they at least have some of The Easybeats pep. Faker’s version of “I’ll Make You Happy” drags it through sludge for the first couple of minutes then switches to tired, mindless disco-stomp. I don’t know why I didn’t just send it all straight to the recycle bin. The Grinspoon track will haunt my dreams for weeks.

grinspoon – st louis

I dare you.

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  1. Sackinton permalink
    March 18, 2009 2:37 pm

    I enjoy the new format thoroughly. Kudos to you.

    Further to this,


    please feature more and your readership is certain to expand.


    Sackington Ballsworth

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