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This Taste Of Milk

March 9, 2009


So Bromst has finally leaked and no longer in the 350th-in-the-queue-on-Soulseek type of way, so I got it this morning and I listened to it a few times today even though I should be listening to Wolf & Cub because I am interviewing them this week and I only know that one Phones remix that came out. Of course all the hacks over at Hype Machine are going on about how whacky and zany and INSAAAANE Deacon is but this album is pretty toned down/that is missing the point. While the voyeuristic appeal of Deacon’s surface weirdness is pretty blurbable and often works as a good hook to grab people’s interest, there is usually very little credit given to the musical virtuosity, genuine emotion and intelligence that lies beneath the day-glo intensity and quirk. Bromst highlights these undercurrents, still drawing from the same Nintendo, Hanna Barbara and rusty-saw synth sound palette, but focusing on themes of regret and aging. Songs go through several movements and generally last over six minutes, major chords bleed on and on, the chipmunk voice is a bit toned down. It is pretty much what I was hoping for and expecting, an album of “Wham Cities” and “Pink Batmans”. On first impression it is maybe a bit samey but I am an asshole. It’s probably amazing.

dan deacon – snookered

Pitchfork TV have a fucking sweet thing on the recording of Bromst here. Highly recommended.

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  1. Sackinton permalink
    March 10, 2009 10:59 am

    Please send me all this music so i can stiff the artists.

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