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Blanket Campaign

February 18, 2009


Everyone is talking about Wavves at the moment hey? You know how you keep hearing (reading) a band’s name and go from sort of ignoring it/subconciously taking it in for a while, to remembering the name and noticing all the little mentions, to getting a little curious, to actually reading something on the band, to going to Hype Machine and getting really overly excited? No? Well Wavves are more scuzzy lo-fi punk stuff along the lines of No Age and Times New Viking but with a more pronounced California, sun drenched pop/surf rock vibe. Main dude Nathan Daniel William records everything in his bedroom using an old four-track so he’s got a pretty bloggable/sounds-cool-telling-your-friends blurb as well. Maybe a bit too fuzzy and rough for some but here are a couple of tracks that I am all about at the moment:

wavves – beach demon
wavves – so bored

His new album is out on itunes now or coming out this week on CD/vinyl or something. it is called Wavvves (yes with one more extra V). His blog is pretty cool too.

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