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They Hatin’ On Me/They Wanna Diss, Diss

February 17, 2009


Hudson Mohawke is shaping up to be this year’s Flying Lotus, ie: off-kilter instrumental hip-hop signed to Warp; although Hudson’s stuff is is a bit more block rocking, a bit more wonky than dubstep and a bit sharper/cleaner. Don’t know if his album, coming some time soon, will standout as much as Los Angeles but it is hard to argue with the preview EP Polyfolk Dance, especially “Overnight”, and it’s brash, hyperactive swagger:


Like FLying Lotus he is not the smoothest mixer in the world but this oldish BBC mix is pretty huge. I guess when the tracks you are trying to mesh are already out of sync with themselves it complicates things. Anyway, the mix features heaps of earlier and unreleased Hudson Mo tracks as well as tunes from associates such as Rustie and Joker, a James Pants song about life, love, time and blowjobs and an evil remix of America’s most wanted, Chris Brown.

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