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You’re Not Ulysses

February 9, 2009


Remixes of Franz Ferdinand’s “Ulysses” should be perfect dj bro fodder. It is a single from a popular but still credible indie band and whether you actually like the song or not, you probably know most of the words by now and will love yelling along with it while drunk/wasted off your ass at a house party/bar/club. Plus they held a remix competition late last year on Beatportal so there are over 300 takes on it out there all using proper stems rather than dodgy filtered parts. However, the many changes in “feel” as the track moves from part to part and the odd rhythms are causing remixers some trouble. The official one by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (aka Erol Alkan and some other dude in authentic disco mode) opted out, creating a serviceable dance track with the “come on let’s get high” vox pitched down into deep house territory being the main familiar element. Kid Freakout, Disco Bloodbath and a few others take a similar route and they are all quite nice but they aren’t going to satisfy the discerning tastes of drunk people on a dancefloor who want to hear something they know. More recognisable attempts like ones by Overwrite and Amplid and so on can’t quite work the vocals or riffs into new grooves; there is a tendency to try and set them a beat late but no one really gets away with it.

So leave it to Max Tundra, he of the much accomplished OCD/ADD/signature switching electronica/pop, to navigate it with ease and show up dudes who downloaded ableton last week and superstar djs alike. As dude mostly works on an old Atari or Amiga or something it comes across a bit midi in parts/isn’t perfectly party orientated but it’s still pretty electro so you could give it a go. His thicker, Van Halen’s “Jump” jocking remix of the now ancient “Do You Want To?” was better/easier to mix but you probably can’t play that anymore.


This one is pretty good too, skinny guitars and disco freakouts and etcetera, but it complicated my whole argument up there so whatever:


Most of the remixes mentioned above and a few added others are all here on the quite good PopWreck(oning) if you are keen.

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