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The Sky Was White

January 6, 2009


Beaches are a newish band out of Melbourne. Caught them at Meredith last month and they were pretty awesome. Kind of like if Kim Gordon had five daughters and they all played in a band together, they rock flannel shirts, Daydream Nation guitars and do the whole shouty and/or dreamy vocals thing. Their bio touts krautrock and prog influences but it sounds all very classic indie rock, with shades of Last Splash, Surfer Rosa or even Slanted And Enchanted in there along with the Sonic Youth comparison. Their debut album is a solid collection of jams, with the band locking into big big grooves or jaunting through boppier instrumentals. Using an abundance of swirling, thick textures and combining imagery of summer and the sea with a doomed acid vibe, it’s definitely worth a listen/checking out live.

Most of the members of Beaches are part of other local bands such as Love Of Diagrams, Panel Of Judges and Spider Vomit who are all part of Mistletone’s extended family. Mistletone Records have to be the most interesting and on the rise indie label/distro dudes/gig promoters in Australia at the moment. Here is a pretty cool article talking them and a few other Melbourne labels/promoters up. For their next big production, they are putting on yet another mini festival in February/March called Summer Tones. It is traveling to Brisbane and Sydney this time but it is the Melbourne one that is an embarrassment of riches. Featuring Dan Deacon, High Places, Ruby Suns and of course Beaches. Sweet.

beaches – horizon
beaches – sandy
love of diagrams – the pyramid
spider vomit – tail points to hell

And this is Panel Of Judges’ video for “Dream Satisfaction”:

(Is it just me or is the download button on MySpace’s music player not working? Or are all bands now against giving out free music after the Merriweather Post Pavilion saga? Am I the last person in the world looking at bands’ MySpaces? Anyway.)
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