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Time’s A Wastin’

December 2, 2008


So I just stumbled on a whole bunch of blogs that are actually kind of good. It may or may not have been because I was google image searching for “awkward old people”. They are mostly instantly gratifying, require little to no mental effort to enjoy and are excellent for time wasting. So here goes:

Sorry I missed Your Party is a whole heap of sublimely bizarre/horrifyingly ordinary party photos with captions. Some are submitted but most seem to be just this guy trawling endlessly around on Flickr for stuff that just doesn’t make sense. If you ever read Hot Chicks with Douchebags for like a week then got bored/wanted to stab that guy for raping the English language so hard this site may be for you.

Nothing Feels Good
Princess Leia Pillowfight
You’re Doing It Wrong

Flickr Lurkr is dude’s other blog where he posts stuff he has found on Flickr that doesn’t fit into the party category. Supremely odd.

Steroids and Thongs
LARP Shadows-159
in human jungle 4

Despite the fact this blog is called Sexy People it mostly features kids’ portraits from the sixties up until the nineties. Might not keep you coming back but good for cheap laughs.


The next two focus on YouTube comments, the official punchline for all jokes about what is wrong with the internet/the stupidity and worthlessness of the human race. That Was Epic‘s tagline is “decontextualised video comments become modern pieces of poetry”. A good flick through. Youtube Sunshine is a site that automatically updates with the newest, most idiotic and poorly written comments, I guess by filtering out everything that doesn’t contain a swearword. It posits itself as an argument against internet anonymity. Guess this whole anti-troll thing is gaining steam hey?

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  1. Sackinton permalink
    December 3, 2008 3:46 pm

    please only post on weekends from now on so i can get work done weekdays.

    please also mail me a copy of the justice dvd.

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