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I Make More Noise Than Heavy Metal

December 1, 2008


Despite lingering Justice fatigue I went and got myself a hot copy of A Cross The Universe. I mean, look at this trailer:

The film pretty much delivers what is promised: the anti-Meeting People is Easy, a combination of those Pantera videos you used to watch and Girls Gone Wild, a big cut up road movie as Justice go on tour across the US. It follows them to Coachella and on a Myspace Music tour, of all things, starting off showcasing the absolute insanity and euphoria of Justice live gigs as well as documenting a bunch of bored French dudes playing stupid pranks and being rude in interviews. The ridiculous gets more exaggerated as it goes on, being chauffeured around LA in a red convertible by Sebastien, looking at multi-million dollar houses with real estate agents, going to Vegas and etcetera. In the last third, as the tour stretches out, things go crazy, with much cavorting with underage girls (or trying to light them on fire as the case may be), their gun crazed tour manager getting increasingly unhinged and the eventual violence, fear and loathing.

The bad trip ending doesn’t quite hit the low note it aims for; not to give too much away but it would have been nice to be able to follow the main characters through the ordeal following the second last scene. But this is a minor complaint, the whole thing is still way better than it has any right to be, well shot, fast paced and full of the random and bizarre. A rare slice of obscene, vain-glorious rock and roll, giving Justice’s music a much needed refresher and really making me wish I could remember what happened when I saw them live last year. Can the Wu Tang doco even compete?

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