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Before I Had Status and Before I Had a Pager

November 19, 2008

Last week I went down to a local record store and bought myself a CD. The place was completely empty apart from the two guys working there. I then crossed the street and walked a little south, to this particular record shop’s sister store, bearing the same name but stocking books, magazines and comics. This place was packed with people browsing around, there were even people checking out the zines for christ sakes. Seems we still haven’t worked out a way to pirate books. Why am I rambling on about this? Does anyone really need to be informed that the entire recorded music industry is coughing up blood and black shit? In Rainbows and blah blah blah.

It just got me thinking about the days before broadband, back when the mainstream had never heard of the words “indie” or “hipster”. No one knew about obscure post-punk bands or Arthur Russell or whatever. It was the Sex Pistols and your mum’s Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack; pretty sure this cool indie timeline shit that is so obvious nowadays was non-existent a decade ago. It was harder back in those days. I mean, I would love to see one of these entitled little fucks go all the way into town, go to the newsagent and spend seven bucks on some magazine… This is before the days of Borders or whatever in Australia mind you, you couldn’t just go in there, some ratty kid, and pick up three magazines, go find a seat and sit there and read them from cover to cover. You’d have to flick through, reading real quick, or otherwise the old guy who owned the place would come over and yell at you about how it wasn’t a library and to get the hell out… So anyway, go get your magazine, go get your street press as well, come all the way back home and spend a few hours ingesting all of it. And after a while, you might start to realise what the cooler than thou stuff is, work out who My Bloody Valentine are or something, some classic albums you should get around to, what CD’s are coming out. Then go back into town and look around your shitty HMV or Sanity or whatever and hopefully they might have some of the stuff you are looking for and hopefully there aren’t too many people hogging all the listening posts and maybe you can get the dude to cue up some album you have been waiting to hear. Then you stand there, in a store, while some other dick stares at you, waiting for you to finish so they can listen to their Cannibal Corpse CD, and try and listen, hoping that whatever it is, it’s instantly and absolutely amazing so you can justify spending thirty motherfucking dollars on the thing. Then you take it all the way home with you and play it on the stereo in your room, listen to it a few times all the way through, then probably spend a whole bunch of time fucking around, making tapes of it for your mates.

So last week, I came home and put the CD into my computer (the only thing hooked up to my stereo these days) and played it all the way through and had a look through the little book and… I am such a loser. The CD I got was Deerhunter’s new one which we’ve all had for a while but I wanted the bonus disk and I probably owe Bradford a few bucks already. I have to admit even after being a Traktor bro for a while now it definitely sounded a whole lot better than coming out of my ipod. But here is an MP3 for all you pirates anyway. It is off the bonus disc Weird Era Cont. which is closer to Cryptograms in sound and somehow is almost as good as Microcastle.


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  1. Sackinton permalink
    November 20, 2008 12:08 pm

    Whoopi is that dude standing around waiting to listen to cannibal corpse.

    And he probably just racked the cd anyway, him and shelto were infamous for that shit.

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