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Defrag Suckah

November 17, 2008

Because I’m cool like that, I recently decided to clean up all the music on my computer. In the process I ended up finding a whole heap of songs I had never even heard. Along with at least two hundred terrible, nose-bleed electro bangers I used to DJ with.

This is a TV on the Radio track off the “Province” single lifted from Cookie Mountain. The first half definitely sounds like a precursor to Dear Science, then it gets all typically Sitek murky. Pretty disjointed/good/ interesting if you are a fanboy:


This is a mashup of Twista & Sigur Ros over more nineties hiphouse beats by Flosstradamus. A few years old apparently but still better than nearly anything on fucking Feed the Animals.


I also found a couple of remixes of Tokyo Police Club and Ra Ra Riot lying around by whoever RAC is, kind of rocky, uptempo with blips and bloops and compressed drums. A quick check on Hypemachine suggests these dudes are the go-to guys if you are an earnestish buzz-band. Specifically if you are aiming your remix at your core audience rather than trying for an awkward nu-rave crossover. So basically, not eighties enough for anyone to care. But whatever.


And just for fun here is the most infectious song of the year (last year), the cover by the Ruby Suns and the video which is like some bizarro world version of the clip for “Galang”. Which reinforces the question: is exotic and/or textural bedroom/laptop pop officially the new electro/bloghouse yet? Pitchfork is pushing for it pretty hard if you hadn’t noticed. Also: Animal Collective have got that whole meme album cover and Bradford is all involved and they are remixing each other and etcetera. The idea is sounding alright to me as I send two hundred electro tracks to the recycle bin.

el guincho-palmitos park
ruby suns-palmitos park

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