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November 11, 2008

So when I was setting up this site and messing around with my links and stuff I had Street Carnage listed. Then later, when I went to check said Street Carnage all I got when I clicked on my bookmark was the following message: “You were told repeatedly to stop promoting your awful blog”. I wasn’t sure what was going on. Had Street Carnage somehow worked out that I had linked my blog to theirs? It seemed a typical offense from McInnes, railing against self-important losers who rant on the internet about meaningless bullshit, who hope to look cool/somehow improve google rankings or whatever by linking to SBTVC. Obviously, I have no idea how any of this shit actually works, so it might have been that they got hacked as this post claimed. But I was sure that that chick was just as clueless. There had been no mention of it on Street Carnage so I just went ahead and got a little irritated. This doesn’t even need to be said, but:

We all liked Vice when we first came across it. It was funny and once upon a time, it was even a bit shocking/cool/educational. I mean American Apparel would be just another Gap if it wasn’t for Vice. Your local cocaine dealer/weird, crusty band with crazy liveshow/alternative comics guy also owes Vice half their shit. But Vice jumped some shark a while ago now. And Street Carnage is a mess. At least half of the boners are phoned in, most of the blogs are lazy or embarrassing or trying too hard. There are the occasional things that make me laugh/are interesting but mostly they are the cocaine references. And everyone knows it’s pretty hard to fuck up a cocaine joke (might as well throw this one in as well). No offense to Pinky who is still holding it down… I feel bad/ridiculous even writing this. To visit either Vice or Street Carnage in the last two years is to hear this opinion voiced by hundreds of snarky, disappointed losers commenting endlessly in the same fashion, arguing with people who dare have a less negative opinion. For at least two fucking years. These people like Vane$$a and Tony Badassasino (or are these two just the same guy?) etcetera, who thrive on message-board fame, who have developed personas, who trawl Street Carnage, voicing their (googled) opinions on every single post, starting arguments, who probably subscribe to the comments RSS feed, oh my fucking god. Who are they?

Now that is all fine. I don’t hold the inevitable ‘had it then lost it’ syndrome or having the worst fans in the world against McInnes. I mean what else is there to look at on the internet? But being petty enough to ban someone from their site just for having it as one of their links? I don’t want to go on but: Street Carnage is all about self-promotion. They got Myspace, Facebook and little buttons for Digg and all those other ones. They are always asking me to come down to their cover band’s gigs, ironic DJ nights and buy their merch. All the people they gave blogs on the site are their friends who have their own shit to hock. And when it comes to self-involved losers writing “awful” stuff on the net why don’t they hack/ban some of the stains who spend their life commenting at Street Carnage. Oh, that’s censorship? Or: constant repeat page views from these losers is good for advertising revenue? Well.

Several days later I googled the phrase again and this guy’s post came up and I worked out that all us lowly bloggers experienced this at about the same time. So SBTVC probably got hacked and I am an idiot. What started to bug me though was why, if Street Carnage is mostly a waste of my time, do I check it pretty much everyday? Even after I had thought they burned me so hard? I mean I even still check Vice once in a while and that shit is just pathetic. Am I addicted to the internet? Do I have a problem? I don’t put too much time into the old social networking sites but I do know the exact time that Pitchfork is going to get updated. And sometimes find myself checking it even when I know its not going to be ready. Like all my previous addictions, it’s getting to be all about the impulse rather than the pleasure. I burn through new Achewood strips and blognigger posts, barely taking them in, trying to force it into my brain so I can click over to WWTDD and get that into me. Shit is fucked up. I guess this is the future. Hopefully I will harness this obsessive behaviour and channel it into posting an endless tirade of shitty YouTube videos that no one can be bothered to watch.

UPDATE (not really an update)
I ended up reading dude’s entire post and he got an email back from McInnes about bans (way down the bottom). But how was I targeted? I am so confused. And what about this whole “pinging” business? Is part of this post going to appear at the bottom of that cocaine vid I linked to? I don’t need all those people subscribed to comments RSS feeds coming over here attacking me. I’m only just starting out. I need time to grow. Please don’t sic Vane$$a on me…

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  1. Jake permalink
    November 12, 2008 3:26 am

    “Street Carnage is all about self-promotion. They got Myspace, Facebook and little buttons for Digg and all those other ones. They are always asking me to come down to their cover band’s gigs, ironic DJ nights and buy their merch.”

    WOW. Congratulations on figuring out how a blog works. Maybe tomorrow you should write a post about this zany thing called the INTER-WEB.

  2. Sackinton permalink
    November 20, 2008 12:04 pm

    I think you should post about titties.

  3. Berryman permalink
    December 8, 2008 8:12 pm

    Dude, you’re sick.. checking pitchfork at update time. Face it… you need a hobby. Try playing Worlds of Warcraft or something. Fuck.

  4. slap dot permalink
    December 24, 2008 11:24 am

    Careful dude, you’re bitching about Vice. You’re becoming one of ‘them’.



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