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I Make No Apologies for the Weirdness that Follows

November 10, 2008


So Dan Deacon has been announced for Golden Planes. Therefore, I am going to go ahead and assume that he’ll be playing a show in Melbourne without even googling it. I gave up three decent opportunities to go see him earlier this year after only having given Spiderman of the Rings a cursory listen and a few months later, when I had “Wham City” on repeat, I was kicking myself. So I am completely stoked and expect nothing less than something this amazing:

So in celebration here is an embarrassment of Deacon related riches. First up are a couple of remixes that I scoured the ends of the internet (Hype Machine) for. This remix is by some guy who doesn’t even have a My Space “music” page. It is a pretty typical electro banger with those 90’s eurodance drum parts that everyone flogs but it’s of “Wham City” so I’m all about it.


This is some remix for the DeathSet who are originally from the Gold Coast (?) I just found out. It sounds like a normal Dan Deacon track but instead of chipmunks on the vocals we get shouty punks. Pretty nice.


On to Jimmy Joe Roche. Roche is a Baltimore video artist who directed the video for “Crystal Cat” and the man behind Ultimate Reality, a film that turns a whole heap of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies into a technicolour mindfuck. Deacon did the soundtrack. Here are a few bits and pieces he has up on the Tube.

This first one is typical of quite a few long, acid-fried monologues/rants that he has posted.

This next one is possibly a little bit NSFW. It has some slight nudity and does feature a very large bong. And it’s so intensely weird I don’t think you want to get caught watching it at work in any case. Kind of falls off after the first minute or so but whatever.


Meanwhile, this is a sweet site where you click on bits of Dan Deacon’s stage set-up and it triggers a video of the man explaining what it is and how he uses it. There are bits of homemade lighting, synths he found in the garbage and lots of gaffer tape. He neglects to mention his ipod however.

Finally, the video for “Okie Dokie” in glorious high res flash, for those of you who have not yet had your fill of bright colours and cheap electronics.

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