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November 6, 2008

So I got a blog. I’m thinking it will mostly be about music and other cultural debris but I’m not sure. I wonder:

Will it be one of those blogs that lasts like three posts then gets taken down two months later? Will I post YouTube videos and etcetera that were forwarded to you half-way through the year? Will it degenerate into what amounts to a personalised version of Pitchfork’s news section with a couple of MP3s on the end? Will I court Hype Machine fame? Who will I try to lure in via said Hype Machine? Will I post indie-hits-in-the-making, targeting the entry levels while they crawl around looking for some MGMT song? Or will I post fart-riff remixes of indie-hits-in-the-making, so as to woo dj bros looking for that sweet, sweet 320 kbps action? Will my blog concept be original enough to compete against hipster cheezburger? (Not even joking y’all. Carles’ syntax is really beginning to infect my inner monologue.) Will I go crazy with internet fame, transform into a super-villain and try to take over the world like the blognegroid? Will I just make references to and include links to blogs better than Do the Icarus Fit and run it redundant?

We shall see I guess. In the meantime, I’m pretty stoked on this video:

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  1. Sackinton permalink
    November 20, 2008 12:18 pm

    You suck McBain!!!

    maybe yuu arr alllllllll homosecschuowl

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